I feel that is important to note that although makeup and beauty are fun, it is in no way any means by which to define yourself or the others around you. 
I have found makeup to be, above all else, a creative outlet, and the type of artistry that I prefer, like a sculptor would prefer clay. 
I have no problem whatsoever going about life without a drop of makeup on my face. I am me, I was born with the bone structure and layout that I have, and whether or not I choose to paint myself with foundation does not change that.

Often, people ask me if I wear "so much makeup because I am insecure," and that really bothers me. Do I wear clothes because I am insecure about my body? No. I choose to. I could go naked and no one could stop me. The point is, I truly enjoy the act of putting on makeup, I love the way it is different everyday, I love how it can change how you look, feel, and act for a couple hours. A smokey eye and a naked eye are two completely different things, and the amount of confidence allowed out while wearing either is up to the person.

The bottom line is this: do what makes you feel beautiful. Nobody on this earth can tell you how to feel. Nobody can define what is attractive. You are a person, you are breathing, you are alive, therefore you are worthy of feeling beautiful. 
More importantly though, outward beauty is not the most important element of makeup. To me, the way I feel on the inside, depending on how I choose to make up my face, matters the most. And that same statement is true with no makeup on at all.

Love yourself. You were put on this earth by a God who does not care how you look.


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