Monday, March 9, 2015

New Eyes on MAC Collection!

Hi friends! ;
Sorry I have been so MIA on here.. I promise to be better :)
Beginning with this:

The New Eyes on MAC Collection! 

We are selling soooo quickly... if you are interested at all, come down. I believe that the MAc stores, the counters at Nordstrom, and the counters at Macy's are all selling these things, except for the Nordstroms exclusive palette.

There are 7 pieces in the collection: 4 9x shadow palettes, and 3 15x shadow palettes. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from. In the pictures below, I am wearing every single shadow from the burgundy x9 palette.. a little excessive, but I just had to play with it.

Here are the pros:
Every shadow is of the same quality that we sell. I have heard rumors that our paletted shadows are of a lesser quality, and that is absolutely not true!
The little palettes are only $40... which is insane.
The larger palettes are only $85.... which is just absurd! Each shadow sells for $16, so if you were to buy them all, they would be (15)(16) = $240!!! I myself bought the Nordstroms exclusive palette.

Which one to buy?
The smaller palettes are for two types of people: You don't wear much makeup, but want to have something for the off chance that you go out and wear it, or if you have a lot of makeup, and don't want to spend too much money.
I would recommend the larger palettes, which are a better value, for those of you who are either in love with makeup and want to continue on an existing collection, or need a great variety of colors to play around with.

There are three large palettes: Cool toned, Warm toned, and the Nordstrom's Exclusive.

The Nordstrom Exclusive is here:

Shades are:
This is good for EVERYONE. This palette has all the top shadows that we sell everyday at Nordstrom's MAC counters. I am in love with this. This is perfect for a girl who doesn't have a lot of makeup, for someone who wants to build a kit, or for someone who just wants to add to their collection of already amazing shadows. I recommend this palette, and this is what I sell more than anything else in the collection.

The Cool palette is here:

Shades are:
This is good for cooler toned skins with pink or neutral undertones who like silvers and greys.

The Warm palette is here:

Shades are:
This is wonderful for more olive, warm toned skins who love golds and bronzes.

In these pictures, I am wearing every shade from the Burgundy Palette somewhere on my eyes! (Which is bottom left in the picture!)

Comment if you have any questions! XOXO


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