Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Best Liquid Lipsticks?

Attention, World!

Anastasia Beverly Hills - a company that I admire to no end - has recently released a new product: liquid lipsticks. And if that weren't enough as it is... there are 20 shades. 20! 

These are very quickly becoming cult favorite products, and I am right on that bandwagon with the rest of her followers. The quality is  out of this world.

***I use the shade milkshake in one of my tutorials: fast foward to the end to see!***

Just to highlight a few of the properties:

- long lasting. seriously, you need patience and makeup remover to get this stuff off your lips
- non drying, matte formula. it is a true, retro matte, but with a comfortable moisture level that won't irritate the wearer 
- truly unique color selection. there are three different shades of coral, just to give you an idea of how in depth the company went in to their color choices
- sleek, professional packaging. you feel fancy if you have this in your makeup bag
- pigmentation beyond anything. it is a full coverage formula. one swipe results in instant color payoff, which makes the product last even longer because you  won't use as much!

My Favorite Shades: 

1: Milkshake - an extremely pale pink that makes you feel sexy and gives any look a girl next door feel.
2: Potion - a color unlike any other - almost black, with purple and blue undertones. not for the faint of heart
3: Pure Hollywood - the ultimate nude. anyone and everyone will love this color. the best pair to any smokey eye, ever.
4: Bloodline - the most insane red in the world.
5: Sad Girl - a dramatic vampy color with lots of purple.

But every other shade is truly of the same quality and standard - I just wear shades like these!

GIVE THEM A TRY - YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! $20 for amazing quality!
Check Them Out HERE!
They are available online or exclusively at Macy's counters.

PRO TIP: If you are associated with the beauty industry in any way, apply for their pro program online! They got back to me within two days, and now  have a discount whenever I shop online! Give it a go!


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