Sunday, January 25, 2015


FULL Coverage Foundation Routine!

The steps I take to look my best.

This is NOT an everyday look - don't get it twisted. If you think this is a lot of makeup - that's because it probably is.

Step by step tutorial found here:

The products I use: (these may change from day to day, but I always use some form or another of each type of product.)
Primer - Benefit Porefessional
Foundation - MAC Matchmaster 2.0
Concealer - MAC Prolongwear NW20
Contour - MAC Matchmaster 8.5 
Setting Powders - Ben Nye Banana & BH Cosmetics Contour Kit
Blush - MAC Peachykeen 
Highlighter - MAC Soft and Gentle 
Setting Spray - Urban Decay 


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