Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Breaking News: Hairspray for the Face

Make Your Makeup Last All Day

It sounds weird... but it works.

What it promises: Serious staying power, temperature control technology, microfine mist, a nonsticky feel. 
Who is it for: all skin types, anyone who wears makeup
Price: $30.00 for 4oz

Setting sprays have been making a rise for a while now. Some artists can't live without them, while others speak of their irrelevance.  I am somewhere in between. After trying them out to form my own opinion, I can say that I love them.
I am not obsessed, and I do not think that they are necessary for everyday, but if you are looking for a product to truly improve the lasting power of your makeup, there are a couple of really good setting sprays on the market that will do just that.
My favorite is the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray (FOUND HERE)

All you do is complete your makeup as desired, close your eyes, spray 3-5 times all over your face, and let the product absorb. It will set the makeup, remove any excess oil or powder look, and leave your skin looking a little less "cakey."
There are three different kinds of Urban Decay Sprays, all promising different things, but the All Nighter is the one I love because it truly lasts all night.  Chill Makeup will help those of you who tend to sweat off your makeup easily, and De-Slick is good for oily skins.

These are pictures of my makeup when freshly applied before work at 9am, and after work (with no touch ups) 10 hours later at 7pm. Forgive the lighting in the later pictures, it was dark outside. However, I think you can tell that the makeup really did stay all day, even though I was on my feet constantly running around, getting product, helping customers, and applying makeup on people. After 10 hours, my makeup does NOT look this good without a setting spray.

Some other options that I have tried and loved!
-Skindinavia Model in a Bottle 
(Skindinavia is the same brand that produces the Urban Decay Spray)
-Loreal Setting Spray (drugstore price!)
-Makeup Forever Mist and Fix
-MAC Fix+ 

Try these out guys! I promise you'll love them<3