Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Stop: Sigma Kabuki Dupe Alert

Hi pretties :)

I have another brush review for ya'll... and I am so stoked to have finally found some items that can compare to the ever famous Sigma products.

If you have been looking into the makeup world for any time in the recent history, chances are you know what the Sigma Kabuki Brush Line is...
(if not, don't feel bad, and I will link it here. It's okay, young grasshopper)

Well, I have been trying out these brushes from New8Beauty, and not only are they vegan and soft and gorgeous, they truly live up the standard of Sigma.

-Flat top Kabuki
-this is my favorite to use on clients

-Pointed Kabuki
-This is my favorite to blend out under eye concealer

-Angled Kabuki
-This is an all around amazing blending brush for any product, not just foundation

My favorite Sigma brush is the F88, the flat angled kabuki. I apply any liquid foundation with it, and it glides on so smoothly. When I tried the New8Beauty brush, I was so shocked to find that I actually liked it better.
The only difference is the surface area of the fibers, the Sigma brush having a little less. I'll show you in the pictures. But the density, softness, and quality is the same.
I like having a bigger area on the brush head to apply my foundation because I find that it makes the process even faster. I woke up late yesterday and literally finished my foundation in 30 seconds. That's a record.
Here is a picture of the two of them side by side:

I will be using all of these brushes in my tutorials to come, but I recommend checking them out sooner and getting a good feel for them :)

You can find them on Amazon HERE
and on their personal beauty store HERE

love, love, love you guys <3 XO


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