Saturday, August 9, 2014

Younique Cosmetics Review + 3D Fiber Lashes Demo

Greetings Chums

I was lucky enough to have a rep from the company reach out to me and offer me some product! I would not review something if I wouldn't genuinely recommend it to my friends, so this is coming straight from my little makeup adoring heart.

In the video I discuss my opinions in detail, so I won't bore you with the tid bits. But all in all I am a fan, a big fan of these products.

My favorite was the fiber lashes, of which I have a tutorial within the video, and I really encourage anyone who has ever wanted lash extensions to try them. I hate lash extensions because of how harmful they are to your own natural lashes, so these are my favorite thing to use. Out of every fiber lash kit I have ever tried these are my faaaavvvvzzz!

Carol (the rep) has her own page to buy from; here it is!

Here ya go kittens!



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