Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Kim Kardashian VMAs 2014 Look!

Hello Friends!
So, the VMA's just passed, and while there were no Miley Cyrus catastrophes, the night was still magical in two counts: Beyonce was so nice and let all those people open for her concert, and Kim Kardashian looked bangin. 

I couldn't recreate Queen Bey's voice or pelvic thrusts, so I chose to focus on Kim. 
It is a rare event that she looks this "natural" at an event, despite the fact that she is wearing tremendous amounts of makeup, and I just had to capitalize on it.

After all, there are few things Kim can boast of, but her talent for just sitting there, doing nothing, making money and looking beautiful is her greatest achievement.

It truly is an easy look to accomplish, and will look great on just about anyone.
PS: You may notice one major difference in the pictures between Kardashian and myself - (okay, more than one, seeing as her face is perfect) - but I just didn't have any articles of clothing with V necks that low :/