Sunday, July 6, 2014

REVIEW - Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Greetings friends!

I have a long awaited review: Makeup Geek Cosmetics

Having tried numerous brands of makeup, I feel confident in my review. First, I would like to say that I am an avid fan of this line, and not only the makeup, but the creator, Marlena. She has her own youtube channel and blog, and is so extremely enjoyable to watch.
Here is her channel:

I hope you guys find this helpful and check out some of the products! I have not been met with disappointment with anything I have tried, and I would never take the time to write such a review on stuff I didn't feel comfortable recommending to everyone.

Moving on to the review:

A summary of what I am about to express -
- The shadows are just as if not better than high end brands, resembling most similarity to MAC shadows.
- The blushes are the best ever. Ever.
- Her brushes are affordable and awesome.
- These are the best pigments I have ever used.
- The website has detailed swatches of every single color, as well as different eye looks for inspiration.

Now, an in depth look:

The Shadows:
Price: $5.99 each
I recommend buying a Z Palette, which is just an empty magnetic palette that you can fill with whatever you want. The eyeshadow pans come with a magnetic bottom, so it is easier to work with than using individuals.
They are so creamy and pigmented, and the entire cosmetic world is quickly becoming obsessed with her shadows not only because of the cost, but the quality.
For everyone who believes that the best eyeshadows are only found in Sephora or at MAC counters, try these and you will be proven wrong.
And just in case I didn't emphasize this enough: THEY ARE SO PIGMENTED IT BLOWS MY MIND.

My Favorites:
Peach Smoothie 
I use this color in my crease almost every day

The absolute blackest black I have ever used

Cocoa Bear
If I was only allowed to pick one product by Makeup Geek to use forever it would be this color. It is the perfect warm, red undertoned brown.

Shimma Shimma
Every girl likes this color and if you don't you're not a girl. Even some guys like this color.

The perfect cool toned mauve purple. So pretty with a smokey eye.

Pretty sure the name sells itself.

The Pigments:
Price: $6.99 each
If you are not aware of what an eyeshadow pigment entails, it is basically a loose version of a shadow, that is just bursting with color pigmentation. It is unlike a basic shadow in that it is so ripe with color it has to be packed on usually or else there will be fall out.
These pigments are so freakin BEAUTIFUL. Wow. They make any eye look look even better. Also, the price of these pigments is magic compared to the $20 MAC ones.
My only concern is how messy they are,  but if you buy the shaker tops on the site to put on, there will be less mess. I'm too cheap for that so I just deal with it.

My Favorites:
Sweet Dreams
Almost an exact duplicate to the MAC pigment Naked, and so long wearing. Perfect everyday color.

Vegas Lights
An amazing copper. Looks good on any eye color.

If I could bathe in a pigment it would be this. Wow. Such a different black sparkle than anything I've ever seen

After Glow
If you are new to makeup and like to play with basic neutrals, this will be your favorite. Every person I've ever put this on loves it, even the girls who barely wear makeup.

Call me crazy,  but this is beautiful. It looks the best on brown eyes. Wow.

The Blushes:
Price: $9.99 per pan
If you are new to blush, I highly recommend building a palette from here. Not only is the price incredible, but the quality of these blushes exceeds high end and I am so impressed. Marlena did an amazing job of creating a variety of blushes to attract any type of skin tone. They are so pigmented, like her shadows, and wear all day.
Please please play with these.

My Favorites:
Secret Admirer 
Wow. I have never seen a purple blush before, but purple is basically the color of my life. This is beautiful, especially on women of color

Perfect everyday peach. Looks good on everyone

Spell Bound
Aside from the name reminding me of Taylor Swift, I actually love this blush and it is a kind of innocent pink that will flatter all.

If you have heard of Nars' world famous color "Orgasm" this is an exact dupe, but better.

The Brushes:
The only downside with the brush line is that there are not enough! But the brushes that Makeup Geek does offer are all great quality and very comparable to Sigma.

My Favorites:
Face Buffer Brush
Perfect for buffing in foundation or blending concealer

Foundation Stippling
Blend. Blend. Blend.

Soft Dome
Self explanatory

Still Dome
Self explanatory