Saturday, July 26, 2014

A Refreshing Discovery

Good news to those of you who have oily, acne prone skin and not a clue in the world of how to cure it.

I'll just get right in to it. While at my weekly venture into Sephora where I promise myself to not buy anything, I was snooping around the skin section when I started talking all about life and it's great questions with a brand rep who was working. She told me she used to work for Dr. Murad, who is my favorite dermatologist of time, and I immediately trusted her judgement.

She now works for First Aid Beauty, a brand I am familiar with but not an expert on. She gave me her favorite product from the line, a cleanser, and promised me I would love it.

It is for breakout prone skin, made with red clay, and so gentle I even use it in my clarisonic.

Now this is nothing against the Fresh Cleanser that I love, but for times when I know my acne will be fluctuating, I use this cleanser and I find myself actually happy to look in the mirror.

I recommend this product to anyone with troublesome skin, except for a few who might have just the driest of dry and tend to get dehydrated easily.
It is cheaper per ounce than the majority of cleansers Sephora carries, and a pea size amount will do the job.
Go into Sephora and ask for a sample if you don't believe me!

Happy washing!


PS: another product that I love from this brand is their Ultra Repair Cream. This is a hydrating, intensely helpful moisturizer that I have nothing but good things to say about. Check it out here.