Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Only Reason I Don't Look Like Pizza

Dear everyone who has ever experienced acne,

and no, I am not referring to the individuals who get one pink dot on the bottom side of their chin and call it a breakout, you can leave.

This is for those of us who have had the days where we weigh the pros and cons of actually venturing outside into the world versus playing hermit for a week for bonding time with your zits.

Because, the best kind of cover up is a dark room with no one else in it.

I come with tidings of great joy: there is actually a product that can and will help your skin, quickly, effectively, and with a variety of organic ingredients that you can eat if you want to.

I am not the biggest fan of Lush products, because I find them to be wildly overpriced and annoyingly named. However, the Mask of Magnaminty (note the annoying play on words name) - is worth a trip into the store, no matter how eager to talk your ear off the employees seem.

It is extremely worth the money; I bought the bigger one because I knew that I liked it, and I am not even half way through even though it has been months.

Put it on your face. Back. Chest. Whatever. Thin layers. Thanks bye.

2-3 times a week, or only once if you prefer.

Feels fresh on the face
Dries out acne without overly drying the skin
Slightly exfoliates with the beads in it
Reduces blemishes noticeably
Makes you feel like the hulk or green lantern, whichever you want

Put it on every night
Pick your face even though you use the mask
Eat it

I remove my makeup and cleanse my face as I normally would, then apply the green magic.
I usually use the mask twice a week, at night, when I am bored and have time to sit and binge watch Orange is the New Black. The time says 10 - 15 minutes, but I honestly just keep it on for however long I want. This is one of the few masks that I have used that does not over dry your face with extensive time.
If I have one or two spots on my face, I will put this on just the blemishes overnight and wake up much happier than I would have without using it.
After getting my hands wet, I rinse it off in circular motions to enable the exfoliating properties. Works wonders.
After that, I continue with my skin routine as I normally would - serum, treatment, moisturizer, retainer.
Haha, retainer.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Some days, as I am only human, I get bored and pick at my skin. There can literally be NOTHING on my face, but I clearly have to fix what is not broken. Any large pore is clearly a blemish, even though its not, and I attempt to get it.
The moral of the story is, if you mess up sometimes and occasionally pick at your skin, this is an absolutely great product to use right after, because it will really really prevent infection and inflammation. But this will only work if you are not over damaging your face with those nasty fingers. Picking at your skin is literally the worst thing you can do for acne. DONT.

So, yeah! I know that this is an extremely publicized product, but it is something I truly recommend. If you don't believe me, go into your nearest Lush and ask for a sample from the ever so loyal employees.
If not, BUY IT HERE and stop hiding your pretty faces.

this is me looking particularly confused as to why you haven't purchased it yet.