Saturday, May 17, 2014

Better Than Bare Minerals

Attention attention...

I have exciting news. I am pleased to announce the birth of my new found baby girl and love :
 Laura Geller Foundation.
(It's actually called 'Balance-n-Brighten' Baked Color Correcting Foundation, but that's a tad extreme for an announcement.)

Although she is admittedly no more mine than she is new, (Laura Geller has been around for quite a while), I have only recently discovered her line.

It all started when my roommate was putting on a type of makeup that I didn't know. There was absolutely no way on God's green earth I was going to be able to live in the same apartment as her and not know about her makeup. Is that odd? Judge me. But the oddity that is my curiosity is now going to be helpful to all you makeup fiends out there.

I always thought she had nice skin, but when she put just a little of this pressed powder on, I was in shock. I sheepishly pushed my dignity and all appropriateness aside and asked if I could use it. I quite literally could not help myself.

The result was amazing. This is a true full coverage powder than can be worn sheerly enough for the everyday woman and built up enough for the red carpet. The blend of colors within the powder looks a bit intimidating, but it is there for corrective purposes.

Clearly I ran out and bought it, because ULTA is right down the street, and because I have no self control. I am so happy with my purchase though, because in comparison to all the other powder foundations I have tried, this is by far the best. I used to be an avid Bare Minerals wearer, but I found that the color range was either too yellow or too pink, and it was hard to build up to an even layer over my entire face. It also got cakey over time. This stuff does NOT do any of that nonsense.

Top Reasons Why I Love This Stuff:
-It gives you the absolute most natural looking finish, with full coverage, which is unheard of
-The color correcting properties allow for the different color options to fit a wider variety of people
-It lasts all day
-It never broke me out
-It covered scars and other "blemishes" on my body as well
-I generally opt for powders on days where I go on errands or to the beach

The only "con" that I can think of, that isn't really a deal breaker, is the price. It seems a bit expensive, ($33.00) for a compact powder, but the truth of the matter is, the material is worth the money, you get quite a bit of it, and it lasts eons. Unless you are building this up to a full coverage look every single day, there is no way you will hit pan on the product for a while.

I genuinely recommend this to everyone, especially women who are either
a) just trying out makeup
b) always in a hurry
c) just want to look natural

BUY IT HERE from Nordstroms, or go into Nordstroms or Ulta and check out the rest of the Laura Geller Line. I love a lot of it, but I haven't had the time to test out thoroughly enough any of the rest of her products to give a detailed description about.

I hope this was helpful! Happy powder shopping!