Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coral and Blue Spring


This is a look I created that I absolutely love. It's surprisingly wearable even though it incorporates three bright colors - coral, purple, and blue. 

Hope you like ;)

loreal true match lumi * mac prolongwear concealer NW20 * ben nye banana powder * Milani brow kit + Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow in Chocolate
mac paint pot in soft ochre * urban decay "venus" * makeup geek "cosmopolitan," "peach smoothie" and "peacock" * mac "sketch" * makeup geek liner "immortal" * rimmel liner in nude * ardell demi whispies lashes
Revlon "Smoked Peach" lipstick and peach lipgloss


Monday, May 26, 2014

Bring Back Our Girls

I can only claim to be mildly educated in regards to worldly news. I understand that this is not something to be proud of, but I find it so much easier to watch a rerun of The Office than to tune into FOX and be bombarded with the tragedies of my country and beyond.
However, I was fortunate enough to be attracted to an article about the recent abduction in Nigeria, and my heart was heavy with sorrow.
I ventured online for I don't know how long in an attempt to silence the voice in my head that was crying at the injustice. I wanted to know everything.
I am sure that most readers are already aware of this, but there is also a number of you who may not know, as some of my friends did not know when I asked them about it.
There are a number of much more extensive, articulate, and educative articles on the internet in which much of the information I am about to summarize may be found, and I encourage anyone who feels what I felt to go on their own and read about it.

On April 15, over 250 young girls were kidnapped from the secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria, by the Boko Haram. This terrorist group, whose name literally means "Western/non-Islamic education is a sin" is fundamentally opposed to the westernization of Nigeria. The group believes women should not be privileged an education, and the act of educating women is one of the roots of evil and crime. They are notorious for their slayings and over the top acts of violence and rape, targeted mostly in northern Nigeria.
If murder was not enough, the Boko Haram is deeply rooted in the sex trafficking business.
It absolutely destroys me to imagine these children, stolen from their innocence in the midst of a basic school day, being sold into sex slavery. Humanitarians believe that, if not rescued soon, they face a life of desolation by auction as a child bride or slave.
I became very passionate about their return, and only being able to express myself through art, I created this look. It incorporates an exaggerated version of traditional African makeup, the green, white, and green striped flag of Nigeria on my eyes, and a blacked out lip in tribute to the girls who are stolen and without a voice right now.
I pray from the bottom of my heart that these girls are found, returned home, and will be able to lead lives beyond the disgusting trauma they have had to endure. I also pray that such groups as the Boko Haram are shut down brutally and without mercy. Please do the same!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Body Modification: An Unfair Scale

Yesterday, as I was getting my tattoo retouched, I mentioned to my artist that I always loved wrist pieces and henna style tattoos around the hand. He told me that I better know what I want to be when I grew up, because that can cost you a job.
Which really irritated me. (The fact that he is right, not the fact that he said it.)

There are two things I want to lay out before I venture on into this literature:
1- These are not solely my critiques; I was inspired majorly by a professor of mine. 
2- This is only briefly about makeup, and for those of you who only view my blog for makeup purposes, which is completely and totally okay, you may not enjoy this post.

Now, let's get into it.

One of the first things we are taught at children is "not to judge a book by it's cover." Seems pretty standard. However,  there is only a tiny minority of souls around the world who genuinely live their life out in this sense, calculating and creating their opinions around the mind instead of appearance.
This is important to note, because, unfortunately, you may be one of these people who do not. There are times when I am, too. I am ashamed to admit it, yes, but most people have a vanity factor to them, no matter how much emphasis they put on it.

Now, here are a few self proclaimed facts that I believe are going to be important when trying to digest this article, and hopefully society in general.

1- Social configurations are created by society. This is basic. For those of you who do not know what a social configuration is, it the construction of meaning and standard. What does love mean? The meaning of love is such that it is, in this area and culture, based on what meaning society gives it. You may not be aware of the social constructions around you, but they are there, and they are shaped by race, religion, ethnicity, and any other segregating or non segregating values. In short, there is only meaning to something because society has given it that meaning.

2- There is no absolute right, wrong, ugly, or beautiful. If you do not agree with this, then we have some issues. What is right in my eyes may be a sin in yours, and what I find to be attractive may turn you off. That is not defined as right or wrong, but as a matter of human nature in developing preferences.

3- There is a total hypocrisy in praising some forms of art and not others. I believe that all art, excluding violent or maliciously intended, is something to be praised, because it is that individual allowing himself to open up in an attempt to try to relay to the outside world what can only really be explained inside the mind. Such vulnerability should never be ridiculed.

4- There is even more hypocrisy in setting standards down based on values that not everyone shares. Like the skinny versus fat body type argument that everyone is so passionate about, there truly is no absolute as to what a standard body is. Are you 90 pounds and healthy? That's awesome. What about you, are you 250 pounds and joyous? Good for you! There is no meaning behind these standards that society deems fitting, like a model that can only be a size 00 or the absurd notion that "real women have curves." Is that girl who was born thin not a real woman? What is she then, a ghost? I do not place value on weight, and therefore societies standards and how I may or may not live up to them do  not bother me. But this can be true of every standard. Who is the perfect person who gets to make these up?
It is a constant spiraling question that only leads to frustration. Free yourselves of these standards.

Now, after that monologue, I present to you the true purpose of this article:
The Invisible Ranking Scale of Body Modifications

A body modification is any change that you willingly make to your physical self, with whatever intentions you have.
Here a few common body modifications, loosely ranked in order of "acceptance" here in California. Of course the order is going to vary depending on where you are, which is only further evidence for my theory. I will begin with most accepted and make my way down to the "worst."

-Dental Work (whitening, braces, fake teeth)
-Makeup and Cosmetics
-Hair Coloring
-Fake Hair (wigs, extensions)
-Plastic Surgery (breast augmentation, rhinoplasty)
-Ear Piercings
-Belly / Nose Piercings
-Tattoos on Men
-Tattoos on Women 
-Facial Piercings (plugs, anchors)
-Tongue Splitting

Of course there are many more, and of course there are many scales on which to rank them, but I believe one of the most important issues in scaling these modifications is not the act of placing them correctly on some chart, but the actual concept of a scale at all.
Upon whose shoulders rests the weight of ranking? How is the degree of socially acceptable placed on any one of these?
In India, this chart might look very different, as nose piercings and tattoos are common. Again, in tribal countries, where men do not cut their hair and women do not shave, this list would be dissimilar as well.

Who is to say that a tattooed woman is not a saint? Who is to say that a man with piercings and tattoos cannot be employed at a prestigious establishment?
Furthermore, who is the one to say that a woman with perfectly straightened, white teeth, a beautiful body, and nicely kept hair is not the wickedest person out of all?

However a person chooses to express themselves, whatever style of art and body modification they choose to perform or not perform, is not only not a direct representation of their heart, but it holds no correlation to the academic, professional, or moral person they are. Where are you placing your identity? If it is behind such things as the tangible then you are probably doing it incorrectly.

The way I see it, having a faith in a God and a life after this, if we are only on this planet for an average of what, 70 years, then this body that I am occupying is by no means eternal nor important. No matter what faith you do or do not have, the truth is this: skin is skin, and it is nowhere near forever lasting.

Why are breast implants acceptable and my arm tattoo isn't? Surgery is much more expensive, invasive, and permanent that any marking of ink in my skin, and yet I feel the judging glances from people who do not agree with tattoos. It is only so because society claims that plastic surgery is alright, but tattoos are distasteful. Does that mean I should not be allowed to get the job I want? Does that reflect any way whatsoever on my work ethic?
I drew my tattoo in a time of development. It means a lot to me, that which I cannot express verbally, and mine is the only opinion in the world regarding this tattoo that I will place any emphasis on.

My tattoos, and piercings, and makeup, and hair color, and clothes, and anything else that I may change about my body in the years to come, have never once held me back emotionally, financially, or academically. I still major in Biochemistry at a top research school. I still have a faith to call my own. I still love everyone the same as I did before I "changed."

I can boast in very few things, but of this I feel secure in saying: I do not interact with nor judge people according to any set of standards America has fed me. If I get to know you, and I enjoy your company and the person you are, that is all that matters.

I believe that body modifications are not the real problem, but a prejudiced society that standardizes based on the credentials of nothing and nobody, and praises or ridicules blindly. The only type of modification that should matter to anybody is that of the mind and spirit.

I am sorry for the what is going to seem like a rant to some, but I am very passionate about this. The world would be a much more comfortable and safe place if these social constructions were torn down and opinions formed based on the person as opposed to the presence.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Berry Lips and Glowing Skin!

Hi... so this is a tutorial for the look that I wore in my Drugstore Favorites Video :) It's super easy. I'm pretty sure the most alluring part about this makeup is the lipstick and the headband...

The lipstick is the Stila Stay All Day in Aria, of which I did a blog post about that I will link here:
Click Here Click Here Click Here

and the headband is from Forever 21, even though I am not going to live forever nor am I 21.

Love you all!
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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Better Than Bare Minerals

Attention attention...

I have exciting news. I am pleased to announce the birth of my new found baby girl and love :
 Laura Geller Foundation.
(It's actually called 'Balance-n-Brighten' Baked Color Correcting Foundation, but that's a tad extreme for an announcement.)

Although she is admittedly no more mine than she is new, (Laura Geller has been around for quite a while), I have only recently discovered her line.

It all started when my roommate was putting on a type of makeup that I didn't know. There was absolutely no way on God's green earth I was going to be able to live in the same apartment as her and not know about her makeup. Is that odd? Judge me. But the oddity that is my curiosity is now going to be helpful to all you makeup fiends out there.

I always thought she had nice skin, but when she put just a little of this pressed powder on, I was in shock. I sheepishly pushed my dignity and all appropriateness aside and asked if I could use it. I quite literally could not help myself.

The result was amazing. This is a true full coverage powder than can be worn sheerly enough for the everyday woman and built up enough for the red carpet. The blend of colors within the powder looks a bit intimidating, but it is there for corrective purposes.

Clearly I ran out and bought it, because ULTA is right down the street, and because I have no self control. I am so happy with my purchase though, because in comparison to all the other powder foundations I have tried, this is by far the best. I used to be an avid Bare Minerals wearer, but I found that the color range was either too yellow or too pink, and it was hard to build up to an even layer over my entire face. It also got cakey over time. This stuff does NOT do any of that nonsense.

Top Reasons Why I Love This Stuff:
-It gives you the absolute most natural looking finish, with full coverage, which is unheard of
-The color correcting properties allow for the different color options to fit a wider variety of people
-It lasts all day
-It never broke me out
-It covered scars and other "blemishes" on my body as well
-I generally opt for powders on days where I go on errands or to the beach

The only "con" that I can think of, that isn't really a deal breaker, is the price. It seems a bit expensive, ($33.00) for a compact powder, but the truth of the matter is, the material is worth the money, you get quite a bit of it, and it lasts eons. Unless you are building this up to a full coverage look every single day, there is no way you will hit pan on the product for a while.

I genuinely recommend this to everyone, especially women who are either
a) just trying out makeup
b) always in a hurry
c) just want to look natural

BUY IT HERE from Nordstroms, or go into Nordstroms or Ulta and check out the rest of the Laura Geller Line. I love a lot of it, but I haven't had the time to test out thoroughly enough any of the rest of her products to give a detailed description about.

I hope this was helpful! Happy powder shopping!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Arabic Inspired Eyeliner and Pink Lips

I am part Syrian, so I like to think of this as the makeup of my people.
Lol I wish.

Arabic liner is so dramatic and sexy, and I have been obsessed lately. Its not too difficult to achieve, and worn with neutral eyes, it is totally wearable.

XOXOXO my little Arabians!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Super Quick Get Ready With Me

*winky face emoji*

This is another get ready with me. These are my favorite types of videos to watch so I figured someone out there in the universe can find them helpful as well.

The reason I go light speed is, as I try to explain in the video, because a lot of people have been asking if I can show the entire process, and I am more than happy to do so, but I figured speeding it up as opposed to it taking four thousand decades would be more beneficial.

Okay I don't really have much to say...

Xo and enjoy watching me pretend to be pretty!!