Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Complete Nighttime Skincare Routine

For the majority of readers, this post is about to get really absurd, really quick.
But for the rest of you, who always ask me what I use on my face, this is for you.

I am very aware of the extensive lengths I go to for my skin, but there are two reasons for that -
1: Not all of the coding in my DNA from my parents allowed for blessings - I was cursed (completely exaggerating) with extremely acne prone and sensitive skin. I used to not even leave the house, which is how I got so good at makeup in the first place. Anyways.
2: My absolute, number one, top priority dream is life is to be successful in a career combining dermatology and cosmetics. I love skin and  I love learning about skin and I love perfecting skin.

Now let's get to it:
Remember, these work for me, and I am not giving any promises that they will work for you. I do, however, recommend this basic outline for a nighttime routine:
- Remove all makeup
- Cleanse
- Tone
- Moisturize
If you are not going to do anything fancy or above average, at least do this. Your skin will thank you.

Okay... here is what Hannah Eicher does before bed, including at sleepovers with friends or when attractive people are over. I do not care. I will not be able to sleep if my face is not clean.

1: Makeup Removal
First, I take a cotton pad and the Neutrogena eye make up remover and just get off the mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow from my eyes, since that is the hardest part of to remove. Then, on dry skin, I pump the argan cleansing oil and rub off all my makeup. I rinse and leave my face wet.

2: Cleanse
I wash my face with this cleanser, and I try to get every area, including my neck.
You know how to wash your face. If you don't, you have bigger problems that this post cannot help with.
About every other day to every two days I use the clarisonic brush to really get into my pores and shake out the dirt. It is advertised as a daily tool, but I experienced BAD things when I did it everyday, so now I just stick to every once in a while. You don't want to overstimulate your skin.
Side note: the clarisonic is not, I repeat - not - an exfoliater and I really get annoyed when people say they "exfoliate every night with their clarisonic." If you want to exfoliate, use a scrub.

3: Tone
Using a toner will help restore the pH levels and balance out your skin after washing it with soaps. I absolutely love this lotion from Mario, and it is only called a lotion because you can technically apply it with your hands, but I use it on a cotton pad, because it is a liquid. I gently wipe the area of my entire face, to remove any left over dirt or makeup. It is somewhat disgusting that even after two cleansing methods there can still be dirt on the face.
This stuff really cleared up the majority of my breakouts, and it's cheap.

4: Serum
Serums are extremely important, and can target a variety of issues - acne, moisturizing, anti aging, and spot treatments. They are best absorbed right after cleansing and before moisturizing, and can do much more work than any moisturizer. I recommend investing in a good serum as opposed to an expensive face wash or lotion. I totally give all credit to my skin texture to this stuff right here - it works miracles.

5: Treat
This is the part where you add in any extra treatments you want, whether it be acne creams or tightening products.
I apologize for the lies I told in the previous section - THIS is the real miracle worker. Retin A has without a doubt changed my skin, and I will never stop using it. I first got it for acne, but after it cleared up my acne, my dermatologist told me to keep it in my routine because of its anti aging benefits. Go and get a prescription, because buying this full price will murder your wallet.
I believe I began on 0.025%, then worked my way up from 0.04% to my current 0.1%
It is definitely a process to work up in concentrations, because it takes the skin a while to get used to it. Your skin will peel, and be raw for a few days, but it is worth it.

6: Moisturize
This is the last step of any routine, and it feels the best. By this point, my skin is tight and a little red, so putting moisturizer feels like heaven.
I have three favorites, and I switch them up based on how I'm feeling. Cetaphil is the basic, but it is my long time love and will always get the job done. The light argan oil really makes a dramatic difference if the weather has been changing or my face is absurdly dry. The truth cream, a derivative of the truth serum in the same line, has a funky smell, but leaves my face so extremely bright in the morning that I get over the scent in minutes.

I truly hope this helped, and that you explore different products until you find a routine for you. I did not come to this routine easily, or with much help from anyone else; rather, I experimented for a long time with a variety of lines until I found what I was happy with.