Friday, April 4, 2014

Drop The Wipe!


I have big news. Bigger than Beyonce's goodies.
My tidings of great joy arrive with a skin clearing supplement that will change your life for the better.
Allow me, my wonderful people, to introduce you to the new face (pun completely intended) of make up removal:
Cleansing Oils - specifically, Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

 Get acquainted. This stuff is the real deal.

While you're at it, please remove all make up wipes. They will no longer be necessary.

The Deal:
So, make up removing wipes are wonderful in theory. However, the majority of them are very harsh on the skin, do not truly remove enough make up to account for said harshness, and are irritatingly costly.
Cleansing oils are the liquid form of a make up remover wipe. This one especially, because it is all natural, is actually good for your skin. The benefits that come not only from washing your face, but from correctly removing all makeup, go above and beyond what any cosmetics can cover. You need a good base before all else.

How It Works: So I was in Sephora, and I got a sample. I go to Sephora a lot, I get a lot of samples, not a big deal. The first time I applied this, I was skeptical. Actually, scratch that, I was annoyed. Did I really have to rub an oil into my completely make up covered face? That's just uncomfortable. But then when I saw what it did, I was like "Okay full size purchase coming right up."
What you do is simple. With all of your makeup on, including all eyeshadow and waterproof whatever, you squirt one or two measurements of cleansing oil into dry hands and massage into face. It feels like you're working the make up into the skin, but what this is doing is actually working all makeup and dirt and nastiness up out of the pores. It takes a big longer than a make up wipe, but the results are so much better. Then, after a bit of rubbing, you just wash it off with warm water.
In one week, I could not understand why my face had suddenly cleared so much. And then I realized that this was the only difference I had made in my skin care routine. I really encourage everyone to try it. There are other cleansing oils that I have heard great things about as well, but I stick to this one because it is Argan based, and therefore I know good for my skin. The MAC, Boscia, and Lancome ones are all supposed to be amazing. Bottom line, use one. I don't care which one.

Check it out here at Sephora, and just buy the little size if you're a nonbeliever.

How I incorporate it:
This is the first step in my nighttime routine. I use the cleanse off oil until my makeup is removed, then I go ahead and wash my face and follow up with everything else I usually do. You literally just add this step in before washing the face. Do it. One bottle goes a long, long way. I have had this for about two months, and I am half way through it. And ya'll know how much makeup I wear.

Thank you all so much and I hope you try it out.


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