Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My Complete Nighttime Skincare Routine

For the majority of readers, this post is about to get really absurd, really quick.
But for the rest of you, who always ask me what I use on my face, this is for you.

I am very aware of the extensive lengths I go to for my skin, but there are two reasons for that -
1: Not all of the coding in my DNA from my parents allowed for blessings - I was cursed (completely exaggerating) with extremely acne prone and sensitive skin. I used to not even leave the house, which is how I got so good at makeup in the first place. Anyways.
2: My absolute, number one, top priority dream is life is to be successful in a career combining dermatology and cosmetics. I love skin and  I love learning about skin and I love perfecting skin.

Now let's get to it:
Remember, these work for me, and I am not giving any promises that they will work for you. I do, however, recommend this basic outline for a nighttime routine:
- Remove all makeup
- Cleanse
- Tone
- Moisturize
If you are not going to do anything fancy or above average, at least do this. Your skin will thank you.

Okay... here is what Hannah Eicher does before bed, including at sleepovers with friends or when attractive people are over. I do not care. I will not be able to sleep if my face is not clean.

1: Makeup Removal
First, I take a cotton pad and the Neutrogena eye make up remover and just get off the mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow from my eyes, since that is the hardest part of to remove. Then, on dry skin, I pump the argan cleansing oil and rub off all my makeup. I rinse and leave my face wet.

2: Cleanse
I wash my face with this cleanser, and I try to get every area, including my neck.
You know how to wash your face. If you don't, you have bigger problems that this post cannot help with.
About every other day to every two days I use the clarisonic brush to really get into my pores and shake out the dirt. It is advertised as a daily tool, but I experienced BAD things when I did it everyday, so now I just stick to every once in a while. You don't want to overstimulate your skin.
Side note: the clarisonic is not, I repeat - not - an exfoliater and I really get annoyed when people say they "exfoliate every night with their clarisonic." If you want to exfoliate, use a scrub.

3: Tone
Using a toner will help restore the pH levels and balance out your skin after washing it with soaps. I absolutely love this lotion from Mario, and it is only called a lotion because you can technically apply it with your hands, but I use it on a cotton pad, because it is a liquid. I gently wipe the area of my entire face, to remove any left over dirt or makeup. It is somewhat disgusting that even after two cleansing methods there can still be dirt on the face.
This stuff really cleared up the majority of my breakouts, and it's cheap.

4: Serum
Serums are extremely important, and can target a variety of issues - acne, moisturizing, anti aging, and spot treatments. They are best absorbed right after cleansing and before moisturizing, and can do much more work than any moisturizer. I recommend investing in a good serum as opposed to an expensive face wash or lotion. I totally give all credit to my skin texture to this stuff right here - it works miracles.

5: Treat
This is the part where you add in any extra treatments you want, whether it be acne creams or tightening products.
I apologize for the lies I told in the previous section - THIS is the real miracle worker. Retin A has without a doubt changed my skin, and I will never stop using it. I first got it for acne, but after it cleared up my acne, my dermatologist told me to keep it in my routine because of its anti aging benefits. Go and get a prescription, because buying this full price will murder your wallet.
I believe I began on 0.025%, then worked my way up from 0.04% to my current 0.1%
It is definitely a process to work up in concentrations, because it takes the skin a while to get used to it. Your skin will peel, and be raw for a few days, but it is worth it.

6: Moisturize
This is the last step of any routine, and it feels the best. By this point, my skin is tight and a little red, so putting moisturizer feels like heaven.
I have three favorites, and I switch them up based on how I'm feeling. Cetaphil is the basic, but it is my long time love and will always get the job done. The light argan oil really makes a dramatic difference if the weather has been changing or my face is absurdly dry. The truth cream, a derivative of the truth serum in the same line, has a funky smell, but leaves my face so extremely bright in the morning that I get over the scent in minutes.

I truly hope this helped, and that you explore different products until you find a routine for you. I did not come to this routine easily, or with much help from anyone else; rather, I experimented for a long time with a variety of lines until I found what I was happy with.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Megan Fox Inspired Tutorial

So I was watching Transformers, and I was like, "Hey Megan Fox used to be such a big deal. She's so hot." Then I lurked the interwebs for an absurd amount of time and I fell in love with her face all over again. Her personality isn't my favorite, but that's not something you can cover with makeup.

So right now we're just gonna recreate her face.

This isn't specifically a recreation of that picture - it's more along the lines of a mash up of her usual makeup tricks all put into one. Her artist generally focuses on her bone structure with the dewy skin, her bold eyebrows, the lips, and eyeliner. He keeps her eyeshadow very basic, usually only using champagne and peach colors. (Note the pictures below lol)

The look is so easy and I love it. I hope ya'll do too.

If there are any more celebrities you would want me to recreate, leave a comment below. They're the funnest tutorials to do!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Copper Eyes and Purple Lips: Spring 2014 Look

Coppers and Purples - Happy Spring 2014

I had so much fun with this look, because it is the epitome of what makeup is supposed to be - creative and different. I get so bored with the same old neutral looks.
Yes, I did wear this to my quiz, and yes, it did give me the brain power to show organic chemistry who really is the boss. (Me.)

Hope you like it ! Do me a favor and subscribe on youtube, cause I feel lonely when I upload my videos on there.


Buy the copper pigment here! 

Buy the lip color here!

Live long and prosper!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easy Easter Makeup!

He is Risen!

On my favorite day of the whole year, I don't like to waste time worrying about how I look. I put on minimal light makeup and enjoy myself.
I thought this would be a good tutorial because truly is so embarrassingly easy. Anyone can do it.

Here ya goooooo:
I began with my face makeup already done. These are the products I used: 
Foundation - EOC1 in Medium
Concealer - Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer
Highlighter - NARS Multiple in "Albatross"
Bronzer - Victoria's Secret 
Blush - MAC "Peaches"
Highlight - Sephora 
Eyebrows - MakeUp Forever Aqua Brow Gel
Eyelid Primer - MAC "Soft Ocher" paint pot

And these are the products I use in the tutorial:
The left is a Dior palette. I used the peach shade, the light pink, and the center darker brown.
The salmon color is from a NYX palette. 
NYX Gold glitter eyeliner
&& Loreal's lipstick in Fairest Nude

Beginning with the eyes
Step 1 - Put a light peach shade in the crease (from Dior)
Step 2 - Blend into the peach shade the salmon color (from NYX)
Step 3 - Put a faint amount of light pink on the lid (from Dior)
Step 4 - Blend into the outer corner and along the lash line a dark brown (from Dior)

Step 5 - Line the lower waterline with a nude/white pencil
Step 6 - Add a minimal amount of gold glitter to the first third of the lower lash line (from NYX)
Step 7 - Add Mascara or False Lashes
Step 8 - Line lips and apply lipstick (I used Loreal's Nude)

And we are all done! <3 

Thank you so much and have an amazing Easter! Xo

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - A Review

I have big news:

My fellow proletariat, I am more than aware that foundation is expensive, but if you are going to buy one, please buy a good one.
I used to be in a completely monogamous relationship with my Laura Mercier Silk Creme foundation, but that is how good this is - I find it better. I don't think that the majority of readers will understand how big of a statement that is. Obviously I feel guilty for my betrayal of old faithful Laura, but we do not choose who our heart loves.
And if you don't know where to start, and you are too dense to navigate through my "Foundation For Beginners Guide," (which is respectfully okay, as it took me years to even feel comfortable giving such advice), I would strongly recommend this foundation, that which I have tried for a few weeks and have fallen madly in love with.
As if that run on sentence wasn't ridiculous enough, let me summarize my love affair with NARS Sheer Glow in bullet points, so as to better explain the madness that is my infatuation.

  • The finish is so natural, it is analogous to a second and better looking skin. 
  • It is by nobody's definition a thick consistency, nor does it settle into lines as a cakey foundation would..
  • ..which is remarkable, as the coverage is amazing. I seriously use one layer of this, and my skin is flawless. (Flawless may or may not be an exaggeration, but I am very excited right  now.)
  • A little goes a long way - this bottle will last forever.
  • Apply with beauty blender for more sheer look, buff in with kabuki brush for full coverage.
  • Despite the price, it is the most universal foundation I can recommend. The color range is so wide, almost anybody can find a match. Unlike my love life with real boys, not foundation.
  • The best quality of all: it is wearable to any event. Have a first date? Perfect foundation. Want to go run errands and want a light coverage? Perfect foundation. Going to the Oscar's to give Brad Pitt an award? Perfect foundation. It is so blendable, so buildable, and so wearable, that I can honestly recommend it to everybody. 
  • I feel really weird after writing this list.

Buy it here!!! Or, if you are not ready to commit at the moment, go into your nearest Sephora and kindly ask for a sample. You will be color matched and given a few day's worth of wear for no charge. Fall in love and buy it whenever you want.

I am wearing it in these pictures: one was for church, one was for a tutorial, and one was for a costume party. It was perfect for every look.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party Look Using Velour "Doll Me Up" Lashes

Why hello .. this is a look I posted on my Instagram and I had so many people ask me to do a tutorial.
So I did.
I redid the look exactly, and I even wore it in the day time like some Hollywood wannabe. My short lived shame was worth the video.
Buy the lashes here!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

100% Drugstore Spring Makeup Tutorial

Hi Hi Hi !
So I have had an absurd but equally thrilling amount of requests for a drugstore makeup tutorial, and because I am a broke college student on a budget, I happen to use a lot of drugstore makeup.
And you can still make it look good. Like hella good.

My biggest tip for using any makeup is this: 99% of the time, the makeup being used does not matter. What matters is, A) how you apply it, and B) what you apply it with.
If you use an amazing brush, your foundation will look amazing. Usually.
So yeah<3 Love you and I will see you again soon.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Asymmetrical Beauty

This is a different kind of post, but an important one. A very important one.
The times that I feel the most vulnerable are the times that I learn the most about myself. I used to have an obsession with the way I looked. I wanted to be perfect. I wanted the Kardashian bone structure, Angelina lips, Megan Fox nose, and Mila Kunis eyes.
It wasn't until I was toying around with a picture of myself that I realized just how ridiculous I was being, striving for this so called perfection that, firstly, cannot even be defined, and secondly, was impossible on all natural levels.

It took me a while to come to terms with the face I had. But once I did, the confidence grew and make up was no longer a task in order to hide things, but just another form of art that I enjoyed.

I edited these pictures so that you can see the truth about the imperfections in our faces, bodies, and overall humanity.
They make us who we are. The slight eyebrow lift on one side vs the other, or the hooded eye, or even the crooked nose, those are all characteristics of Hannah Eicher, the person, as opposed to the robotic alien looking thing in the edited photos.

You are not defined by your looks, but you are defined by your thoughts and actions, and if your mind is clouded with insecurities, that can drastically affect the way you live your life.
Be confident in who you are, and you will come to see that  a crooked nose really doesn't change much.

Below are the edited photos. Notice that the asymmetrical, unedited photo, is so much less terrifying than the other two. There is beauty in asymmetry, beauty in the imperfection. The mirror image photos are daunting and alien like.
I would much rather look like a good old person than an extraterrestrial.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Drop The Wipe!


I have big news. Bigger than Beyonce's goodies.
My tidings of great joy arrive with a skin clearing supplement that will change your life for the better.
Allow me, my wonderful people, to introduce you to the new face (pun completely intended) of make up removal:
Cleansing Oils - specifically, Josie Maran Argan Cleansing Oil

 Get acquainted. This stuff is the real deal.

While you're at it, please remove all make up wipes. They will no longer be necessary.

The Deal:
So, make up removing wipes are wonderful in theory. However, the majority of them are very harsh on the skin, do not truly remove enough make up to account for said harshness, and are irritatingly costly.
Cleansing oils are the liquid form of a make up remover wipe. This one especially, because it is all natural, is actually good for your skin. The benefits that come not only from washing your face, but from correctly removing all makeup, go above and beyond what any cosmetics can cover. You need a good base before all else.

How It Works: So I was in Sephora, and I got a sample. I go to Sephora a lot, I get a lot of samples, not a big deal. The first time I applied this, I was skeptical. Actually, scratch that, I was annoyed. Did I really have to rub an oil into my completely make up covered face? That's just uncomfortable. But then when I saw what it did, I was like "Okay full size purchase coming right up."
What you do is simple. With all of your makeup on, including all eyeshadow and waterproof whatever, you squirt one or two measurements of cleansing oil into dry hands and massage into face. It feels like you're working the make up into the skin, but what this is doing is actually working all makeup and dirt and nastiness up out of the pores. It takes a big longer than a make up wipe, but the results are so much better. Then, after a bit of rubbing, you just wash it off with warm water.
In one week, I could not understand why my face had suddenly cleared so much. And then I realized that this was the only difference I had made in my skin care routine. I really encourage everyone to try it. There are other cleansing oils that I have heard great things about as well, but I stick to this one because it is Argan based, and therefore I know good for my skin. The MAC, Boscia, and Lancome ones are all supposed to be amazing. Bottom line, use one. I don't care which one.

Check it out here at Sephora, and just buy the little size if you're a nonbeliever.

How I incorporate it:
This is the first step in my nighttime routine. I use the cleanse off oil until my makeup is removed, then I go ahead and wash my face and follow up with everything else I usually do. You literally just add this step in before washing the face. Do it. One bottle goes a long, long way. I have had this for about two months, and I am half way through it. And ya'll know how much makeup I wear.

Thank you all so much and I hope you try it out.