Monday, March 17, 2014

You Can Wear Green, I Swear

Happy St Patricks Day! 
More importantly though,
Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

Just kidding, I'm nobody. So, back to St Let's Get Wasted Day...

I created this look after hearing my friend say that green is the ugliest color. I was like, bish whaaaaaaa?

This could definitely be a St Patrick's Day Look, but seeing as it is a tad late, let's just call it a green smokey eye, because that's truly what it is.

It was inspired after this picture:

.... HAHAHHAHAHHAHAHA Just kidding.

I hope you like it! Xoxo nuggets.

Step 1
Foundation and concealer

Step 2
Blend everything out, then add bronzer and faint blush

Step 3
Draw some eyebrows on so you look like a woman

Step 4
Begin with a neutral eyeshadow base

Step 5
Blend a warm brown shade in the crease for a transition

Step 6
Add the green! This a pigment from Mac, but there are so many shades out there. Choose a matte one if you prefer! Pack in onto the lid, not going above the crease

Step 7
With a fluffy brush with no product on it, blend upwards slightly

 Step 8
Add a black eyeliner. You can choose to do a wing or not

 Step 9
Add a gold highlight to the inner corner. This really makes a difference in the look. It low key reminded me of a leprechaun and a pot of gold. But that is besides the matter.

 Step 10
Add eyeliner to the bottom water line. I chose brown so that the look would't be as harsh, but if you wanted to go more dramatic, choose a black.
Then blend it out with the first brown shade we put in the crease.

Step 11
Please wear mascara. Top and bottom. Thank you.

Step 12
 Add any lipstick you want. I chose a rosy-pink, because I felt that it clashed the least with the smokey green, as that should be the main focus. But you can choose any color you want. If you want to look like a Christmas Tree, wear red!

And then you're done!