Monday, March 31, 2014

The Ultimate Beginner's Brush Kit

Greetings, earthlings, and welcome to one of the most important subtopics of makeup you will encounter:


Like choosing the right foundation for you, choosing brushes can be just as difficult, or even more so. There is an entire craft dedicated to brushes, and the options are overwhelming. I am going to try to break it down for you in a few different categories, then list my favorite brushes that I believe are the bare minimum for anybody interested in cosmetics.

1. Natural vs Synthetic

A brush is more than some fur on a handle. You have to be aware of what brush you're using for what you're trying to accomplish. A natural brush, like a goat hair, is going to blend well and not pick up as much pigment as a synthetic brush. Most concealer brushes are synthetic, to place the pigment as directly as possible, and most blending brushes are synthetic, to create an air brushed finish.

2. Price Point

Just like my weight does not define me, (thank the Good Lord), the price does not define a brush. A number is a number is a number, and I have found that brand names generally do not guarantee quality. There are $3 brushes at Target that put a $50 MAC brush to shame. There are also $3 brushes at Target that aren't even worthy of cleaning a toilet when compared to a MAC brush.
Do not judge a brush based on its price or name. Test it out and read the reviews. The only one determining the worth of the brush is the artist.

3. Brand Name

Contradicting everything I just said in the prior sub topic, here is a basic list of brands I recommend experimenting with.

Every single brush in this brand is incredible. You cannot go wrong.

ELF: $
Some amazing brushes and some crap brushes. Do your research.

Once again, a good place to start because they often have online deals where kits are cheaper than usual. However, not every brush is a winner.

MAC: $$$
These were the original makeup brush must haves. Every one had the 224 or 217 blending brushes. However, Sigma quickly beat out MAC by quality and price. But these brushes are wonderful, and I have not found one that I do not like. They're just expensive.

Morphe: $
Just like ELF, there are some hits and misses. However, this brand has amazing quality for the prices, and so many options to choose from.

4. Task

You have to realize that different looks require different brushes, just like an actual piece of art would require different brushes. Know what each brush is designed to do.
On a similar note, there are no rules. Just because a brush is designed to blend out the crease, it does not mean you can't use it on your face to contour with. Do what suits you. Do you boo.

The Basic Kit:

This is NOT including every brush I believe to be necessary. This is the bare minimum, the lingerie to the designer dress.
NOTE: I am using mainly pictures from Sigma, but this is just because they were the easiest to find. The brush does not have to be Sigma, just similar.

1: Fluffy Blending - Crease
2: Dense Blending - Precision crease
3: Shader - Packing on color 
4: Pencil - Placing color precising
5: Small Angled - for BROWS or liner
6: Flat Top Kabuki - Ultimate foundation
7: Contour - for bronzer, blush, highlight
8: Duo Fibre - blending everything together or applying a little amount of product


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