Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How To Choose a Foundation

How to Pick and
A few of the best...

The world of foundation is a confusing place. It is basically Narnia.

 I am your Mr. Tumnus. I will help you navigate.

First, decide on your skin type. By decide, I do not mean pick one that you like. Examine your skin. 
-Undertones? Pink, yellow, olive, or neutral?
-Level of Moisture? Dry, Oily, Combination, or "Normal" 

Undertones are usually labeled on the bottle, as cool (pink), warm (olive or yellow), or neutral.
Texture depends on preference.
Dry skins generally do not wear matte foundations well, look for something dewy or satin.
Combination or Oily skin can definitely wear matte foundations, as well as dewy, they just need to be set with powder.    
Normal skin - you freaks can wear anything. I envy you.

Next decide how much coverage you want. I feel comfortable with medium to build-able coverage, but wear what makes you feel beautiful. If you want a sheer, tinted moisturizer, go with that. If you want the Oscars style wear, do it. There are no rules.

 The skin that I have  is sensitive, acne prone, and dry. I have tried so many foundations out, so here are a few of my favorites, from drug store to high end.

~Drugstore Queen: Loreal True Match
Such a perfect, everyday wear. So affordable, so many color options, you WILL get a perfect color.

~Drugstore Honorable Mentions: Loreal True Match Lumi
Just as good as the original formula, I just prefer a less dewy finish on myself.

Covergirl 3 in 1
The texture really emphasizes my dry patches, but if I didn't have dry skin, this would be a dream. Great coverage and staying power.

Rimmel Stay Liquid Mousse 
Beautiful coverage, but does not last all day. 

~My Skin is Clear and I don't need Coverage: Urban Decay Naked Foundation
Very sheer, but looks like real skin.

~My Skin is a Solar System and I need to cover everything: Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation
THIS COVERS EVERYTHING. IT IS AMAZING. I LOVE IT. You have to apply it in sections because it dries quickly, but it will not budge, and the worst imperfections will vanish.

~High End Honorable Mentions: Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation
A very "good for your skin" type of product. I love it, I just don't reach for it as often as I do others. 

Makeup Forever HD Foundation
 This is another cult favorite. I do not obsess over it like some do, but it is gorgeous for pictures

~The Best of the Best: Laura Mercier Silk Creme  
If I had to pick one foundation to wear for the rest of my days on earth it would be this. It is the most beautiful finish, it covers wonderfully, and it lasts all day. I never get break outs when I use this, only compliments. Try it!   

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