Saturday, March 8, 2014

Get to know my favorites!

Yooooooooo people. I don't know how to introduce myself via text in a blog that few will see. So I'm going to introduce some of my favorite things and hope that does that job? 

If you love these things too, let's be best friends.
If you don't, get out. 
Kidding. I love you anyway.



My homie. My best friend. I don't think I need any more explanation.


I'm a science nerd, currently majoring in Biochemistry-Chemistry at a top research university, and when I say that I love chemistry, especially organic chemistry, I'm so far from joking.


My family is the greatest. Bye.

But I guess you already knew that...

Eyebrow powder/pen/gel/palmade...

WHATEVER you use to fill in your eyebrows, keep doing it. Eyebrows are the most important part. (In my opinion. Please don't tell me how blush is actually the end all be all because I will not care)

Mascara / Eyelash Curler:

They distinguish between whether I look like a boy or a girl. Generally I enjoy looking like the female that I am. Sometimes not. Either way, they're important. 

Contouring products: Bronzer, Concealer, Highlighter

Again, if I want to look like a man, I eliminate these steps. Other than that, I am sporting the good old fashioned contoured mask like all the other makeup artists. 

White teeth:


Mario Badescu skincare:

He is amazing, incredible, and the savior of my complexion, which was HORRENDOUS. 

Mask of Magnaminty:

Do it

Bio Oil:

I have never in my life written in to a company to tell them how much I enjoyed their product, except for Bio Oil. It is perfect for scars, dryness, and overall brightness.

The Weeknd:

Literally? Marry me? His voice, the darkness in his lyrics mixed with the melodies, I die.